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Through sustainable, social, and technical innovations.


Who We Are

According to the 2020 UNESCO report, 258 million children and youth were entirely excluded from education, with poverty as the main obstacle to access. The key factors that cause the exclusion of learners in education systems worldwide include background, identity, and ability (i.e. gender, age, location, poverty, disability, ethnicity, indigeneity, language, religion, migration or displacement status, sexual orientation, incarceration, beliefs, and attitudes). The educational exclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic worsened as almost half of the low and lower-middle-income countries have not supported disadvantaged learners during the temporary school shutdown.

We believe that the most effective road out of poverty begins when everyone can benefit from quality education. We believe that all societies should benefit from self-directed learning, mainly based on their geography and/or poverty.



We believe that the path out of poverty begins when everybody can benefit from a high-quality education. We believe that all societies should be included in the benefits of self-directed learning, especially based on their geography and/or inherited poverty. Our concept is to create conditions that allow all communities to have a quality education, jobs, and career opportunities.

We do this in partnership with local host communities collaborating and empowering them by adopting the latest technological and sustainable solutions while capitalizing on their talent.

We provide the necessary infrastructure along with technical training thereby guaranteeing the sustainability of innovative schooling for the host communities.

We provide people in Africa and other parts of the world Educational and Technical training for free for the development and sustainability of their local community.

By co-designing and supporting sustainable educational systems through social and technical innovations, we catalyze any initiatives between educational policymakers, local communities, and employers.

We have the tested strategies to bring the first-class global branding virtual and in-situ campaigns, blended learning systems to even the most remote areas and connect, via alternative energy and the internet, their communities with the educational resources for self-directed life and career.

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Producing educational resources and managing training events for the trainers, teachers, internship coaches, mentors, and other stakeholders of vocational education for underprivileged groups.


We train the community members to become professional technicians and to serve their community and equally to secure sustainable education solutions. We provide technical and vocational training, for instance, computer repair and solar installation.


We provide solar installation to schools and communities to get access to the internet and educational and technical recourses.


We provide and maintain facilities and service of computer repair.


We facilitate cooperation and dialogue between individuals, local communities, and organizations that participate in local, sustainable education.


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Rethinking Africa

Rethinking the importance and the need of Africa and his recourses


ISEF is a team of educational changemakers with expertise in leading systemic innovation for underserved schooling systems. Our board members had a social impact on inclusive educational practices and policies in challenged areas on multiple continents (e.g. Gaza Strip, Lima, Jakarta, Bronx, Thessaloniki, Lagos, Darwin). We help teachers and educational leaders to extend learning for life and career opportunities to deprived children and youth.

Board Of Directors

Dr. Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski


Nelson T. Ajulo (Ph.D)


Drs. Ilse Huiskes.


Our Structure and Organisation

ISEF Method Features as follows:

Purpose of the foundation according to the statutes

Offering opportunities to disadvantaged people in societies through setting up and supporting project aimed at encouraging and helping disadvantaged people as well as providing all what is related to or conducive thereto.

Board remuneration system

The foundation aims to benefit the public and board members are not entitled to get paid.


Our goals are ambitious and can only be met together. We thrive to partner up in order to give our communities and people the highest quality education on a global scale.


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