The Stichting International Sustainable Education Foundation is a result-orientated NGO that seeks a world where communities are empowered to become self-sustaining. A world where individuals and communities are included and provided the opportunity to thrive and drive transformative change. Guided by its mission, ISEF strives to reduce global poverty and inequality, provide decent work opportunities, and drive economic growth within disadvantaged communities by providing access to economically viable & sustainable education.

At ISEF, sustainable economically viable education rests on
  • Programs that re-educate corporate entities and communities towards the opportunity cost of not diversifying and creating inclusive, accessible global socio-economic systems.
  • Empowering local communities by leveraging on-demand skills in providing access to technical and soft-skills training that leads to employability. Through uplifting youth within disadvantaged communities across the globe and enabling them to reinvest back into building their communities, we therefore create a cycle of self-sustaining ecosystems.
  • Providing a balanced representation of the African continent to change existing negative perceptions by highlighting positivity and possibility, fostering a trust-based global economy where greater equitable global exchanges can take place to solve mirroring economic challenges.


Stitching International Sustainable Education’s mission is to create, promote and leverage the inclusion of a global strength to support global weakness while creating a diverse community where all are provided the equal opportunity to learn, be empowered, thrive, and drive actionable change.


We envision a sustainable and just world . Where we empower each other to thrive.


The core values of ISEF are the pillars of the organization which guide our commitment to making an impactful change and the actions we carry out to achieve our mission.


We believe that all humans are equal in fundamental worth and moral status. Consequently, people have a basic human right to have access to opportunities to propel themselves out of poverty to a prosperous life. At IS-EF we believe that there is strength in numbers and by providing a helping hand where necessary to uplift the other we are building and strengthening communities

Equity and Inclusion

We believe in equity. We believe in the importance of providing personalized resources essential for the advancement of all individuals to reach common goals. We recognize that impoverished societies require different resources to achieve economic prosperity in line with the global community. Therefore, the Youth regardless of their circumstances, should have the right to equal access to education and once attained, access to equitable forms of education to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future.

We believe in inclusion, the creation of safe, healthy, fair, and high-performing communities. We believe in creating equitable access to opportunities and resources for the most vulnerable within society.


We believe in ensuring sustainability of our communities. To ensure that our programs enable communities to be self-sustaining. Sustainable education training that serves intellectual development and societal progression is imperative, particularly to quickly and sustainably eradicate poverty and fostering economic development sustainably and rapidly. This type of education is what we consider as “know-how”. This is a form of education that cannot be learnt purely through textbooks, but by dealing with real issues and practice, it is associated with intuition, experience, creative thinking, skills and practical application. Practical knowledge vs theoretical is an essential component in the innovation process