Zwarttech, founder of ISEF, ISEF itself and Zwart Talent have all come together and have each been founded in order to tackle three mutual goals - with the overarching mission to eradicate global inequality. Although each entity combats this mission with various strategies and solutions, we hope that together we can ensure a sustainable, ethical and impactful difference within communities and society as a whole.

Our Mission and Goals

We believe our mission is important for our collective future, therefore, three main goals have been implemented to tackle the core mission of eradicating global inequality.

Our three main goals, the gaps they’re intended to bridge and their importance are as follows:

Together with North America and East Asia, the EU is moving towards longer-living, lower-fertility, and higher-educated societies. Facing this new demographic frontier naturally prompts the questions: Who will live and work in Europe in the coming decades? How many, and with what skills? Whereas, on the other hand, Africa and other less developed countries face the possibility of becoming part of a global crisis - growing unemployment, crime rates and extreme poverty - the so-called ‘ticking time bomb’. However, To answer this, we view this as potential and as an opportunity. With the final SDG we are hoping to achieve, the partnerships for the goals, we hope that together, in collaboration, we can strive to achieve the SDGs for 2030. Therefore, we propose an ever-changing interconnected model which strives for equality, inclusivity and diversity which will usher the world into a new era of prosperity.