Our Strategy

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ISEF’S strategy to bridging these gaps begins with providing sustainable education to communities around the world. Sustainability to ISEF is ensuring a communal method of educating young individuals - we want communities to work together for the greater good and ensure the process is self-sustaining and not reliant on financial means. We can equip the future populations to prosper in a globalized and interconnected world, take up opportunities to advance themselves, their families and local communities, and take up action towards sustainable and inclusive economic development.

Each of us have strengths and weaknesses and this is also reflected in countries too. Therefore, we at ISEF plan to leverage on such strengths and together eliminate each other's weaknesses. As representatives of the world we can come together to combat global inequality which is fueled by the education gap. Thus, by addressing this gap we hope to educate those who have lack of access to such resources and thereby creating a strong and the continual process toward creating a more equal world where everyone is made better together