The foundation's strategy mirrors our confidence for the future population and disadvantaged communities by leveraging technology. Our Projects build upon each other and support an individual through the different stages of their lifecycle. From educational attainment to securing employment opportunities. The Zart Talent Foundation consists of Zart Academy (ZA), Zart Recruit (ZR), and Zart Entrepreneurial Hub (ZEH). Our NGO was founded with an aim to empower youths, talent and entrepreneurs to seize global opportunities while boosting their local economies. The foundation seeks to educate more than 2000 students in five years.

Zart Academy

Zart Academy is an innovative and sustainable Ed-tech initiative built on a framework to provide essential technical on-demand skills and core life skills and competence training for professional advancement. By reducing their cost to education and limitations to developing their skills, we are helping the youth in advancing themselves and their communities. The model of the Academy is one that ensures it will be fully self-sustaining by the year 2028.

We have identified the technology sector as a priority sector for economic growth within the disadvantaged communities we serve. As part of our strategy, we will be working together with government institutions, the private sector, and the communities at large within each country of focus to:

  • Equip youth with technical skills to advance their employability within the job market
  • Provide soft skills training to enhance social capital
  • Introduce legal and financial basics to improve literacy

With a focus on Nigeria, Netherlands, and Nicaragua, our goal in the next five years is to empower 2000 young people, particularly women, to obtain employment and be self-sufficient. We envision at least 50% of them continuing to find quality employment and the other 50% setting of on their entrepreneurial journey and finding innovative solutions to the world’s problems. With youth employability as a primary indicator of socio-economic progress, our goal is to provide a sustainable path out of poverty.


Training Program

The Zart Academy training program will train students in small interactive groups of 10 by setting a conducive IT learning environment for all young talented IT enthusiasts between age bracket 15-22, with a minimum of SSCE certificate to help them succeed in the world of advanced technology. Classes are held virtually and physically to ensure no one is left behind.

Upon completing the 6-month training program, successful candidates are offered an internship of 12 months with our partners within the private sector. The internship opportunity will provide them with practical working experience with global companies remotely, equipping them to enter the job market as qualified and experienced Junior Developers. Thereafter, Academy guides them either through the Zart Recruit platform to gain access to global work opportunities remotely or to the Zart Entrepreneurial Hub to fulfill their entrepreneurial journey.

Technical Skills training

Students enrolled in the Academy will be provided with Software Development and Cybersecurity Skills educational training. The Software Development training includes Full-Stack Javascript, Full Stack Microsoft, and Graphic Design / UI UX. The Cybersecurity Skills training will provide an overview of Cybersecurity with a specific focus on Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment.

Life Skills Training

There is often another side of poverty that is often overlooked: that being, the loss of capacities to survive in a globalized and digital-based economy. Poverty and impoverishment are slowly becoming an intergenerational phenomenon, as one's capacities or lack thereof are passed down from generation to generation. To break the cycle and ensure self advancement for a better future of the individuals within the disadvantaged communities, our program will provide learnings on core competencies needed to navigate, thrive, and contribute to the 21st century. The program will cover

  • Financial literacy
  • Legal Literacy
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Networking

Zart Recruit

Zart Recruit is a platform established to bridge inequality of access to global work opportunities and combat brain drain. Based in Africa, It is a launching pad for digital-based professionals seeking international work exposure on a remote basis.

Africa has a vast population of experienced software experts at both the Senior Level and Junior level who cannot access global work opportunities within the IT sector without having to migrate to a foreign country.

Zart Recruit connects, assesses, builds, and manages a strong network of Software Developers from Africa who have gained a significant amount of expertise in their field. We connect senior expertise from Africa to global companies in the West on a remote basis. Our platform enables local experts to work from the comfort of their homes, gain global experience and knowledge, earn a higher salary and reinvest back into their local communities. The platform will be accessible to Senior Software Experts within the local economy and Junior Zart Academy graduates upon completion of their 12-month internship program.

Zart Entrepreneurial Hub

The Entrepreneurial Hub is established to ease young tech entrepreneurs’ hardships while starting their businesses, limiting their innovation.

Expensive internet service, uninterrupted power supply, poor telecommunication services, and lack of proper workspace come in the way of productivity and limit their ability to participate in a circular economy. Therefore, the entrepreneurial hub solves these issues. The Zart Entrepreneurial Hub is a coworking space specially designed to provide young African entrepreneurs with an opportunity to grow and scale their businesses. The Hub is a place where founders, startups, and scale-ups can build and execute their ideas, leverage off each other’s strengths and strengthen the African tech ecosystem. They are equipped with free internet and an uninterrupted power supply, along with a decent working environment.