Who We Are


Who We Are

Stichting Internation Sustainable Education Foundation (ISEF) is a Non-Profit Organization that aims to improve the educational system for people in local communities in Africa and other parts of the world to improve their community and to foster Educational Inclusion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create conditions that enable all underprivileged communities to access quality education, jobs, and career opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is the realisation of the equal worth of all people regardless of where they come from and who they are.

We do this in partnership with local communities, working with them and empowering them by applying the latest technological and sustainable solutions while benefiting from their talent.

We provide the necessary infrastructure and technical training to ensure the sustainability of innovative education for the communities.

In addition, we provide free educational and technical training to people in Africa and other parts of the world for the development and sustainability of their local communities.

By jointly designing and supporting sustainable education systems through social and technical innovations, we catalyse all initiatives between education policymakers, local communities and employers.

Disparities exist even within a particular country. In Nigeria, for example, 71% of the most impoverished children and over 50% from the North have never been to school. In comparison, only 3% of wealthy families do not attend school only for anything other than financial reasons (ethnicity, religion, disability).

The problem of exclusion and lack of sustainability of educational systems is not just about transferring the necessary expertise and resources from privileged communities to those not able to take care of their young talent. The actual challenge is to re-design the relationship between education and entrepreneurship stakeholders globally. We at ISEF believe that nobody should be excluded from the benefits of self-directed learning, primarily based on their geography or inherited poverty. We also believe that education and growth are most transformational when based on the dialogue of equals.

Europe needs a new type of collaboration and cooperation because of the progression towards "how can this collaboration assist both Europe and Africa in the IT industry" and not "how can Europe help Africa as an aid donor".

We plan on solving these problems in the following ways.

Sustainable Educational Training and empowerment of the youth.

Rebranding and positive and social reorientation of the public toward inclusivity.

Partnership and support.